Pro PDR Cordless Glue Gun Powered by Makita

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Product description

This cordless glue gun, made by Pro PDR, is ideal for those who use multiple types of glue. Change glue type by simply changing the gun. The gun reached maximum heat within three minutes. The temperature is adjustable via a button on the back, with LED indication. So you choose exactly the right temperature for your glue. Power use: 1 hour per Amp. of battery run time on high setting.
We recommend 1.5 Amp. or higher battery capacity. This glue gun is powered by a Makita 18V battery.

Attention: Makita battery not included.


Recommendations on how to use your glue gun:


  • You must allow the glue guns to heat for 3 minutes minimum before attempting to dispense glue
  • Do not remove partially used glue sticks when switching to a new stick. Fully dispense the glue by pushing a new stick behind.
  • If the glue gun doesn’t dispense, there may be air within the heater. This often happens if you try to dispense the glue before it’s fully heated up. The solution is to tip the glue gun on it’s back, heat the gun for 3 minutes at full power and slowly pully the trigger.  You should hear air escaping, along with the glue starting to dispense.