About us

Dent Tool Company started in 2002 with the sales of PDR tools and equipment. Over the years the product range has grown in volume and in the number of brands. We now sell more than 1.400 products and deliver packages in 30 countries! This makes us Europe’s biggest supplier of PDR tools and equipment.
Through good arrangement with our carrier packages can be delivered quickly and at a competitive price. Most products are directly available from stock, which means we offer one-stop-shopping for the whole of Europe.

We succeed in supporting all our customers as well as possible and that is reflected in the many positive reviews we receive. Thanks to our experienced team, we can keep a close eye on developments in our branch and are aware of new brands, new products and innovations. Sign up for our new newsletter and we will ensure that you also stay informed.

We want to excel in a professional and personal way in our services and enable you to have the best tools with fast shipping.
We do this by continually improving our website so that you can easily and quickly find and order the right products. But we also do that for you by chat, email or telephone. We are happy to help you!