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Plastic Punch with magnet

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CUSTOM 14 inch (35,56 cm) Cordless V2 18V LED light (y-y-y)

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DentGear wireset 2

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DentGear Whale tail set

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DentGear Braceset

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DentGear shaved wire set

46 inch Quick light 3 LED with dimmer

36 inch Quick light 3 LED with dimmer

Pro PDR 36 inch Quick light set with extendable arm

Corey Pope BB set with 1/4 diameter BB tips

Small ratchet hook set 6 long

1/8 Diameter wire tool set with ratcheting handles

Power PDR dents stabilizer

PDR door jammer

Meguiar's Quik Detailer 473ml

Meguiar's Quik Wax 473ml

Alligator clip

Vip20-Blue Aluminium Knockdown

Metal windowshield with mirror

T-Hotbox extension

63 piece paintless dent repair Pro Set

Pro PDR light collar 3/4 for UltraDent stand

TDN Hoodstand

Quick HD light 12 inch (30,48 cm) with dimmer, 3-strip wcw

Quick HD light 14 inch (35,56 cm) with dimmer

Chubby HD 18" (45,72 cm) with dimmer

Makita powered glue gun

Additional glue gun for GGHC-MK glue gun

46 inch Chubby HD 6 LED with dimmer

36 inch Chubby HD 6 LED with dimmer

Remote controll Pro PDR Solutions