Glexo cold glue kit - Full set with 4 tabs and 100g. glue

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Product description

The Glexo Cold Glue System is universal and can be used with all standard slide hammers.
This cold glue is very effective on big(ger) dents.

Glexo adhesive composition was tested for more than two years by high-class specialists, in cooperation with the Institute of Chemistry. The adhesive composition underwent “field” tests in the most severe conditions, high and low temperatures.

  • Speed - quick readiness condition, operational use
  • Widest temperature range of application – works in the hot and in the cold conditions (up to 30°C)
  • Economy - with proper use, the composition is durable
  • Storage - Can be kept without special storage conditions
  • Simplicity and Safety - the product works extremely clearly and does not damage paintwork
  • Size glue tab: round 35 mm diameter, round 45 mm diameter and 2x oblong 75 mm length
  • After working, immediately store the glue tabs and the cold glue dust-free: the glue tabs in the foam form and the coldglue always in the non-stick foil



Weather: All weather
Strenght: Very strong
Color: Grey
SKU: Glexo-FS


Perfekte Sache für geschicke!!!

— Georg Plesl