Ultra Dent 117 cm (46 Zoll) Wide Head 5-LED-Streifen mit Drehgelenk

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The Wide Head light has an aluminum body with a coil cord that extends up to 3m with a 12V plug. The light comes standard with 5-LED-strips.
This light includes a 5" Kwik Clamp Light Collar (A1B2C) with a 1" (25 mm) brass ball.

It also includes a A4C-DIM2 remote controll. This remote for dimming with direct socket allows you to setup any 12V Ultra Dent Tools PDR Shop Light with remote dimming. Remote has cascading setting (0% to 100%) and preset buttons as well to allow quick changing of dim from 100% , 50% to 25%.

Note: Light stand and battery not included.


LED-Streifen: 5 (cold - warm - cold - warm- cold)
Länge (cm): 46 inch (116,84 cm)
Breite (cm): 12 inch (30,50 cm)
Gewicht (kg): -
Stromversorgung: 12V car plug