Tequila Aluminum Tipple tip with Aluma Morph pushing soft tip

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The Tequila Aluma Morph soft tip is a unique aluminum screw on tip and with a nipple head, 3/8 inch diameter that easily fits into 3/8 inch holes and on your 3/8 rods that have 5/16-18 (industry standard) thread. Its snug and reliable fit makes it ideal for both pushing and knocking down. Made from custom molded urethane material, it boasts superior durability compared to most tip covers.

  • 3/8 inch (9,52 mm) tipple with (standard) 5/16-18 screw thread
  • Aluma Morph soft tip 85 durometer hardness on the Rockwell scale
  • Overall length from bottom to tip is 7/8"
  • Length from base to tip is 3/8" inch
  • 3/8 inch diameter (9,52 mm)


Art der Spitze: Runden
Durchmesser: 3/8 inch (9,52 mm)
Gewinde: 5/16-18 inch
Material: Polyester