Keco variety pack Root Beer interchangable micro knockdown tips - 5 pcs

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The KECO Root Beer knockdown tips are available in the toughest, non-marring knockdown material to allow hard knockdowns while protecting the paint. Compability with the KECO Black Swan and with all major PDR knockdown handles (with 5/16 -18" screw thread).

  • Uniquely Shaped Tip - provides different knockdown effects for varying levels of high spots
  • Root Beer Material - our toughest, non-marring knock down material 
  • 5/16 -18" Thread - accepted by the KECO black swan and all other major PDR knockdowns
  • Variety Pack of 5
    • bullet tip
    • 2,5 mm point
    • 4 mm point
    • ball tip
    • wedge tip


Art der Spitze: Variety
Durchmesser: -
Gewinde: 5/16-18 inch
Material: Polyester
SKU: 410-6049