Keco Tornado Tabs 10mm ICE Material - 6 pcs

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These 10mm Keco Tornado Tabs combine the amazing Dead Center Technology developed by Keco nd making it even stronger, so they don't break that easily. These tabs have a shaft that is designed for multiple usage and can take more force then the Dent Reaper tabs.

  • Stepped Tab Thickness - increases force at the center of the pull while increasing adhesion with a larger total surface area
  • Patented Dead Center Technology - the specialized neck to face ratio provides the best possible rigid center pull with flex along the edges to avoid overpulling
  • Keco Ice Material - extremely strong and rigid formula allows for incredible pull strength and maximum energy transfer


Form: Rund
Größe (mm): 10 mm
Fläche: Glatte Oberflache
Farbe: ICE
SKU: 333-1000-6