Camauto Elite Prolight Puller

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The Camauto Elite Pro light puller is our most popular and best seller puller for collision repair.

  • It can be used on 80% of all dent shape and size, on steel and aluminum panels
  • Lightweight puller with an aluminum bar, aluminum puller, and 2 aluminum and plastic padded feet.
  • Loaded with a bearing between the pulling device and the pulling bar, you can pull using your own hand power, using only three fingers, without any minimal effort.
  • Can be used with an impact wrench
  • Height adjustable feet. No matter which surface you are using as a support, you can adjust the feet height, keeping the puller straight at all time.
  • Swiveling feet. Both feet can swivel in all directions, to bend according to any panel surface.
  • Padded feet for a maximum panel and paint protection.
  • Universal hook adaptor comes with a hook and a base that can be used on camauto or any other tab.


SKU: PUL1155