Camauto 3D Straight crease tabs - 8 pcs

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Camauto heavy duty Super Strong 3D Tabs are designed and produced for deep dents, and all sort of dent shapes.

  • 8pcs Kit. Designed in 4 different sizes to fit in every possible dent shape.
  • Unique design. Crease Tabs come with flexible bendable side wings, for maximum dent reach and grip.
  • Height adjustable for best deep dent reach.
  • Durable and Reusable Tabs. Produced with heavy duty material, 3D Tabs can always be reused as long as you clean them after every single use.


Form: Straight crease tabs
Größe (mm): -
Fläche: Grooved
Farbe: Schwarz
SKU: TAB2281