Bubble Gum Pink 10 sticks - Moderate to Warm

Marke: Burro PDR | 
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This PDR glue has quickly risen to become a favorite among dent removal technicians. This dent removal glue preforms best during warm to hot weather but can be used during the cooler months. Don't let the pink color fool you: these dent removal glue sticks pack a punch! The Pink PDR glue sticks from Burro give a strong pull and drips and runs out of your glue gun less than normal PDR glues. The Burro Bubble Gum Pink glue come in re-usable heavy duty bags with 10 pieces of 10 inches (25,4 cm) glue sticks.


Wetter: Gemäßigt bis warm
Stärke: Stark
Farbe: Pink
Durchmesser: 11,11 mm (7/16 inch)