Hooks, Straps and Rings

Doorstrap Deluxe

Window Bar Strap

PDR Leverage Block - 3rd light block

PDR Leverage Block - Small

S Hook

Suction Cup leverage Strap

Hail rod O-ring

Hail Rod Hanger

Easy Wedge with Pump

Edgy hanger small push perfect

Door Leverage Strap


Carbon tech door strap

Combination Strap

PDR Leverage Block - Big

Aluminium Hood Prop

Adjustable Strap

Chain hook with spring link

Hail Rod Beam

Hail Rod Hanger w/S-hook

Hail Rod S-Hook

Suction Cup replacement pump - fits 3 inch or 4 1/2 inch units

1/8 inch Rope Ratchet

1/4 inch Rope Ratchet

S-Hook with 1 1/4 wide O-Ring