Dynnox XL53

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Dynnox XL53

Car interface:
Width: 86,4 cm
Length: 147 cm
Pricing for the Dynnox XL53 - Basic + Interface 53cm = 1625,00 EURO (excl. shipping & handeling)

Please order the Dynnox by sending an email to sales@denttoolcompany.nl.

Use the principle of an ambulance stretcher to transport your tool cart.
Dynnox is a multifunctional loading and unloading system for vehicles. Thanks to its unique and versatile functionality, Dynnox is a friendly and environmentally friendly means of transportation. You no longer need to lift heavy materials, and Dynnox saves you from having to drive your car frequently.
Dynnox consists of:
• A mobile "frame" whose legs can be folded and folded automatically during loading and unloading. Various additional modules can be mounted on the chassis, such as tool boxes or parts, a workbench and / or various machines and equipment up to a maximum weight of 250 kg.
• A "car interface" which guarantees the safety of the vehicle thanks to its optimal fixation. The interface of the car can be mounted firmly on the ground, but also an easily removable mount is possible. Therefore, you can use Dynnox in connection with the project and / or use Dynnox in various commercial vehicles.
In the vehicle, the automatic locking of the frame guarantees a safe transport. The Dynnox makes loading and unloading extremely easy and fast. Removing the chassis from the vehicle and transporting your materials to a construction site (often inside) is very easy and can be done by one person, even in the case of heavy goods. In this way, Dynnox contributes to a considerable saving of time and a safe and hygienic working method.
Dynnox is available in different sizes and can be used in all types of commercial vehicles. By choosing the right built-in construction, the patented Dynnox frame, in combination with the add-on module, can be adapted to your workflow.

Frame width: 53 cm
Frame length: 125 cm
Weight: ca. 44,5 kg

Dynnox XL53:
Dynnox XL53 width: 72 cm
Dynnox XL53 lenght: 129,5 cm
At 16 cm above the frame you can make the build on top wider up to 20 cm.
Dynnox can be set in height at maximum 68 cm and is therefor suitable for almost any car. it has a maximum load capacity of 250 kg.