PDR lights

46 inch Chubby HD 6 LED with dimmer

36 inch Chubby HD 6 LED with dimmer

LS-3FH Stand for Pro PDR Solutions incl light collar

36 inch (91,44 cm) wide 12v LED Ultra Vision 3 stripes (c-w-c)

Stainless Steel Frame & LED Light 2 Lines (w-w)

Stainless Steel Frame & Bulb (TL) Light

Stand for PDR lights

Wide Head Light w/5 LED 46 inch incl. kwik clamp collar

36 inch (91,44 cm) LED 12V Extruded Plastic Light Fixture Only 3 strips (c-w-c)

36 inch (91,44 cm) 12V LED Ultra Vision 2 Stripes (w-w)

20 inch (50,8 cm) cordless V2 18V LED light (c-w-c)

14 inch (35,56 cm) Cordless V2 18V LED light (c-w-c)

Quick HD light 12 inch (30,48 cm)

Quick HD light 14 inch (35,56 cm) with dimmer

Quick HD light 18 inch (45,72 cm) with dimmer

thin Lite 12Volt

14 inch (35,56 cm) Ultra Rechargeable 18V LEDV2 Promo Pack (c-w-c)

18 inch (45,72 cm) mobile light 12V

12 inch mobile 12v mini 3 strip LED light with 3 inch suction cup