Secure payment

You want to execute your order in a safe environment. Dent Tool Company will do the best they can to keep you in a safe environment while you are visiting our webshop. This in particular by using an HTTPS website and use the SANTU payment environment

SANTU - Secure Ordering

The internal acounting and order process for "Dent Tool Company" are protected by Santu.

Our patented fraud protection system ensures the secure transmission of your data.

All your personal and payment data is entered on secure pages and using high grade SSL encryption to protect your data from being intercepted while being transmitted to us over the internet. Once your payment for this order is approved, your payment details are automatically deleted from our secure server.

The SSL certificate which protects this transaction is supplied by Digicert, Inc. 

 Certificate Status:  Valid
 Encryption Method:  128/256 Bit Strong SSL Encryption
 Validation Method:  Extended Validation (EV) High Assurance

HTTPS - Secure webpage

Since 2015 is the shop Dent Tool Company HTTPS protected.
You can recognize the secure environment of the text HTTPS or the green icon in the URL bar at the top of your screen.