A  Retour and Changes

1. Delivery takes place express written statement to the contrary.

2. The Other Party must accept delivery of the issued items at either the time they are available or delivered. In the event that the Other Party declines the issued items or is negligent towards providing information or instructions necessary for delivery, the goods will be stored for the maximum period of 4 weeks at the account and risk of the Supplier, notwithstanding article 7. In that case the Other Party is obliged to pay all additional costs, such as, storage costs.

3. The Other Party has the right to cancel or return unused delivered products within 5 working days after delivery. No additional costs will be charged if the order was cancelled before dispatch. If, however, the order has already been dispatched, the Supplier has the right to charge an additional in their original packaging and at the account and risk of the Other Party. Damaged goods will not be credited.

4. Consumers can return ordered goods

5. Returns must be sufficiently packed and returned to the address below:

Dent Tool Company
Neerloopweg 6a
4814RS Breda
The Netherlands

6. If the price of a product is incorrect, both the Supplier and the Other Party have the possibility to terminate the contract, after which both parties are relieved from their duties under the contract concerning this part of the order. Payments already made will be restituted.