MagnaTek Tool Mat - Magnetic Tool Holding Mat (Blue)

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MagnaTek mats are flexible, non-slip, chemical resistant. Silicone rubber tool mat that will stick to clean smooth surfaces by friction.

Dual action protection, the raised circles and magnets will not only prevent your metal tools from slipping away but also, catch round or non-magnetic tools by getting caught in the grooves.

When working on cars, time is everything. Having your tools closer to you speeds up the process while protecting your clients car from unintentional damage.

MagnaTek Mat has an oil and chemical resistance along with adhesion to non metallic surfaces such as Aluminum panels and glass. Our high quality, military grade silicone is Ozone free and UV resistant Rated at 500 degrees fahrenheit, it is virtually indestructible.

The Original MagnaTek mat comes with 36 embedded magnets.

  • The mat measures 53cm x 43cm x 0,6 (21" x 17" x .25")
  • Color: green or red


SKU: MagnaTekMat-Blue
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