Glexo Magic Set V2 - liquid protective coating with UV-flashlight

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Glexo Magic is a specialized single-component UV-cured compound specially designed for the production of ultra-strong, ultra-thin protective coatings on the working parts of the PDR tools. Previously, you had to use a special tools for different tasks, now every tool can be special! The composition is evenly applied to the working end, illuminated with a UV-flashlight - it's ready! The ultra-thin coating will withstand the most severe loads, while ensuring the safety of the paint layer, eliminating the appearance of scratches on the inner surface, and will be able to provide access to places previously inaccessible.

Glexo Magic has a high temperature resistance, which allows it to be used on locally heated areas with very sharp and deep dents.

The adhesion to the metal ensures its safety when working in the most difficult environments under the amplifiers and between the metals. You can be sure that the coating will perform its functions and will not remain in the cavity.

The protective composition Glexo Magic is a high-strength UV-curable polymer that is applied to the working surface of the working tool to prevent damage to the paint layer. High mechanical strength and ease of use allows you to create coatings of minimal thickness, thereby increasing the permeability of the tool. It can be used with hooks of any geometry, blending hammers, knockdowns, other tools, as well as a temporary protection against paint damage on the perimeter of technological holes in body elements.

Thanks to Glexo Magic, you can get better access through the process holes - the thickness of the tool will increase by only millimeters. And you can forget about the paint chips on the edges of these holes-apply the compound around the perimeter, and you will keep the factory condition of the hole in the process.

The composition helps to change the physics of working with a blending hammer and a grain. The composition applied to the working part will eliminate damage to the paintwork and will allow you to protect yourself from accidents during work.

Glexo Magic is something that will completely change your work.

Please pay attention -  one rechargeable 18650-battery for the flashlight is included.
Check the description before you use and/or re-charge this battery!

Measurements of the flashlight:
Height 3.5 cm
Length 17.0 cm
Width 11.5 cm
Weight 234 gram



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