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17 Piece Hand Tool Set Stainless Steel

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So many techs asked for a hand tool set from stainless steel that we began building this great-looking set that is plenty tough enough to push the bigg stuff. This 17-piece stainless steel set includes 316PG10AL-S, 316PG10AR-S, 316PG16AL-S, 316PG16AR-S, 316S2A-S, 14S4A-S, 14S6A-S, 316S8AR-S, 316S8AL-S, 14M18AR-S, 14M18AL-S, 516M24AR-S, 516M24AL-S, 14Y18A-S, 316Y18A-S, 14Y28A-S, and 316Y28A-S.
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