63 piece paintless dent repair Pro Set

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63 piece paintless dent repair Pro Set, made by Dentcraft.

This set is our take on a more up to date large set. We've included more whale tails and less wires. We've also included 2 interchangeable tip tools, the 36'' interchangeable tip hail rod and the 48'' interchangeable tip hail rod. These hail rods will accept every single interchangeable tip we sell (100+) making them useful in a lot of situations with the sharpest tip we make (b1) through the widest and softest tips (m96-b).

This set contains the following tools:

Whale Tail: 14 including 2 hand tool whale tails
3 xtra giant whale tails.
4 standard whale tails
4 thin whale tails
2 hand tool whale tails (great around sun roofs)
1 ultra thin whale tail
Brace Tools: 8 brace tools, 4 right handed, 4 left handed

This set also includes the complete 7pc side panel hook set, one of our most popular sets.

Wires: 10 wires
2  x 8'' wires
2  x 16'' wires
2 x 24'' wires
2 x 36'' wires
2 x 48'' wires
T Handle Tools:
1 x TWBL
1 x TWFL
Hooks: Our complete door hook set
1 x offset hook right
1 x offset hook left
1 x medium hook 24''
Flag Tools:
1 x Long Flag 6''
1 x Long Flag 4''
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