glue chracteristics


Now Only

White Glue 10KG

Now Only

Black Glue very strong 10 kilo

Red Glue Long 10kg Case

Now Only

White Glue Very Strong 5KG

Now Only

Black Glue very strong 5 kilo

Blue Glue box of 5 kg

Red Glue Long 5kg case +/-200 sticks

White Glue 25 sticks

Black Glue very Strong

Blue Glue 10 sticks

Yellow Glue 10 Sticks

Red Glue (long) 10 sticks

Burro Cactus Green - Moderate to Warm

Gold Rush - Moderate to Warm

Orange Fire - Hot, Warm, Moderate

Bubble Gum Pink - Moderate to Warm

Snow Flake - Cold to Moderate

Xtreme Purple - Moderate to Warm